Vodafone’s real message to the minions

If you didn’t know this already, Vodafone has a friend at the HMRC. Actually it’s the head honcho, Dave Hartnett… who’s let them off from paying a few quid in taxes. £6 billion to be precise. Think about that when faced with with lay-offs, cuts in health and social services, tuition fees, closures of libraries and surestart centres because “there’s no money to pay for it all”.

Vodafone - let them eat beans billboard

Vodafone isn’t the only company in bed with HMRC. It’s time to demand the resignation of Dave Hartnett and for Vodafone, Top Man, Boots and all the other tax-dodging heavyweights to pay up. If you want to find out how, I recommend joining UKuncut on twitter or facebook.

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