Avatars for Global Fast in Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners, April 17th

Palestine avatar end administrative detentionGlobal Fast in Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners avatar

A couple of avatars leading up to the Global Fast in Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners on April 17th 2012, Palestinian Prisoners Day. Please feel free to use & circulate. I have made an undated one for use after April 17th.

Thank you to Samidoun for posting this on your site. Find out what you can do to take action for Palestinian prisoners’ rights by visiting their website.

And thanks also to Electronic Intifada for your link:
Amnesty joins global actions on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day with Twitter campaign

Who’s the terrorist?

Whos the terrorist, by Leila la Tres Sage

Inspired of course by the famous EDL idiot. If you don’t know the “muslamic” and “iraqi law” references, then you need to watch this man & marvel at the degree of utter stupidity and hatred we here in England live alongside.

It’s not just a poke at the EDL though; it’s mainly about islamophobia, militarism, genocide, apartheid, colonialism, and western corporate expansion – and the lack of true reporting by the main stream media. I trust my Arabic friends will excuse this sweeping generalisation of the Middle East’s vast variety of cultures, and different political struggles into one drawing, but it was necessary to get the point across – who is forcing their culture on others… who’s the real threat… and who’s the terrorist?

Same planet, different worlds

Same planet different worlds - I need that - iphone bread - leila la tres sage

The other day I asked my son which Mr.Men book he’d like to have next (if he’s good). “Mr.Nobody, Mr.Nosey, and Mr.Rush” came his reply. I said “You already have Mr.Rush, you don’t need a second one”. And then I added “In life, it’s best to help those in need than to buy things you don’t need.” At which point I realised… I’ve become THAT kind of mum. 🙂