Same planet, different worlds

Same planet different worlds - I need that - iphone bread - leila la tres sage

The other day I asked my son which Mr.Men book he’d like to have next (if he’s good). “Mr.Nobody, Mr.Nosey, and Mr.Rush” came his reply. I said “You already have Mr.Rush, you don’t need a second one”. And then I added “In life, it’s best to help those in need than to buy things you don’t need.” At which point I realised… I’ve become THAT kind of mum. 🙂


iWork 18 hours a day

Update 5th Jan 2011 — This piece is being used in the campaign to tell Apple to Stop Slavery Practices at Foxconn’s Manufacturies. Please have a look, sign & promote! (Good luck Monica, and thanks for the initiative!)