Who’s the terrorist?

Whos the terrorist, by Leila la Tres Sage

Inspired of course by the famous EDL idiot. If you don’t know the “muslamic” and “iraqi law” references, then you need to watch this man & marvel at the degree of utter stupidity and hatred we here in England live alongside.

It’s not just a poke at the EDL though; it’s mainly about islamophobia, militarism, genocide, apartheid, colonialism, and western corporate expansion – and the lack of true reporting by the main stream media. I trust my Arabic friends will excuse this sweeping generalisation of the Middle East’s vast variety of cultures, and different political struggles into one drawing, but it was necessary to get the point across – who is forcing their culture on others… who’s the real threat… and who’s the terrorist?


My letter to the FCO about Hana al-Shalabi

Here’s the letter I just wrote to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office via their website, urging for the release of Hana al-Shalabi and all the other Palestinian prisoners in administrative detention.

Please feel free to borrow from, or copy this letter.

To whom this may concern,

I am writing in regards to the illegal detention of the Palestinian Hana al-Shalabi by Israel. She is currently being held under administrative detention – kept imprisoned without charge, a practice which is in violation of international laws on human rights.

Israel defends this practice by stating it a 6 month limit to administrative detention, at which time a trial is held. However routinely this process just extends the administrative detention of the prisoner another 6 months.

Hana is currently protesting the only way she can – not through the Israeli justice system, in which she is powerless – but by hunger strike. She is currently in her third week.

We cannot allow this to carry on, uncontested. No country that performs this deplorable practice can be called a democracy. Likewise no country that ignores that their allies are performing this deplorable practice can be called a democracy either.

For the dignity of Hana al-Shalabi, for the dignity of the other 300+ Palestinian prisoners in administrative detention, for the dignity of the Palestinian people… and for the dignity of the British people – by knowing that we are not complicit to this crime through our silence – I urge you to please defend the human rights of Palestinians, and demand the release of Hana al-Shalabi.