Not With MY Money – Don’t fund banks who deal with cluster bombs

The “Big Four” banks in the UK all hold shares in the arms sector, and have all had dealings with known producers of cluster bombs. There is a link between which institutions we bank with and amuptated children in war-torn countries. If you bank with NatWest / RBS, Lloyds, Barclays or HSBC and want a clean conscience, move your money to an ethical bank, or a building society which puts money back into the community.

The flyer is available to download & print yourself, see the links further down.

Move your money from banks who fund cluster bomb producers

Move your money from banks who fund cluster bomb producers

Flyer download (full colour, bleed & crop marks): Front | Back
Flyer download (black & white, suitable for home printing): Front | Back

Note I’ve designed this flyer independently from Do pay it a visit though, there’s ample information on just what nasty dealings the big 4 are up to.


David, I am your mother.

Some might say there’s really no need for imagery of David Cameron suckling the dry leathery teat of Margaret Thatcher’s sagging breast. Sure it’s grotesque. But not as grostesque as their the privileged, self-serving, war-mongering Tory ways.

Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron by Leila La Tres Sage